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How much is the frozen margarita machine rental?

Our rental prices vary depending on the number of machines and length of rental with each package. We offer free delivery, setup, pickup and cleanup with each reservation. Your rental also includes everything you need to serve up frozen drinks: a heavy duty cart, dedicated extension cord, sanitized mixing jug, and complimentary cups and straws.

Additional flavor mixes are available for $20 each with the ability to return unopened mixes at the end of your rental.

How much alcohol is needed per batch of mix?

For our traditional margarita mix, we recommend using 2.75 liters of silver tequila and .5 liters of triple sec. For your convenience, we’ve included a handful of delicious recipes that use our flavor mixes.

Can I use your machines to make non-alcoholic drinks?

Absolutely! Our fruity mixes are delicious on their own as a slushy! Simply mix with cold water, pour into the machine to freeze, and serve! Let us know if you plan to serve slushy’s at your party and we’ll brand our machines appropriately!